Phew! I made it through the A-Z. This feels like a small victory. I have a compilation of all the animals on one sheet and it looks pretty darn good. I made myself proud. Moving upwards and onwards.


4 thoughts on “Z-for-Zebra

  1. Twisha, the a-z series is SO awesome! I’m sure people can use your creative illustration for their baby room’s border. Maybe we can have them for our next baby (not sure when). For the time being, we’re stuck with the boring borders from babiesRus. *sigh* Didn’t know you guys were on sabbatical leave. Glad to hear that it was edifying experience!

  2. Hi Chris, Baby Room Borders…now there is a product idea. I should look into those some more. We were thinking about doing some stuff on etsy and that might be a great one. Hope you are doing well.

  3. Twisha, how wonderful these are! They are wonderful on their own together they are very solid. If I was going to put them in a baby’s room I would frame three or six and hang them together. Why just babies anyway? They are very sophisticated! Excellent work!

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