My tribute to Vancouver

I have to say that from all the cities that I have traveled to Vancouver by far is one of my favorites! I was there 2 weekends ago and it blew me away. It has everything mountains, the ocean but most impressively a wonderful arts program that you can see through the city. This “city of glass” has some charming oldish (Late 1800’s) buildings but more impressively you can see the use of Indian tribe symbols and colors in use everywhere as a tribute to the history and heritage of the very first inhabitants of this land.

My colors here are inspired by the cold rainy days that I encountered but even so the softness in the hues made it such a wonderful treat. So here goes. The first of the 3 in the triptych that I am creating in honor of the memories I have of my time there.

Inspired by Architecture

This series of patterns is inspired by architectural elements that I see around different cities. This one comes from buildings in Mumbai that were inspired by the Art Deco tradition in the 1930’s. This was almost a decade after it’s popularity peaked in Europe and America The structure of Art Deco is based on mathematical and geometric shapes.[1] It was widely considered to be an eclectic form of elegant and stylish modernism, being influenced by a variety of sources. This period in architecture glorifies all things man-made from materials to methods and therefore repetition of intricate, ornate forms that were created by machines is a big signifier of this style.

Incidentally, Mumbai has the second largest remnants of art deco buildings in the world after Miami.  There will be many more patterns coming inspired by the photos I have taken earlier this year.

1. Hauffe, Thomas (1998). Design: A Concise History (1 ed.). London: Laurence King.