What did you want to be when you grew up?

I certainly did not want to be an office worker. I asked kids this question all the time and most of them want to be characters and heroes that they can relate to. Superman and spiderman are big among them and after some probing they often reveal that they are drawn to them because ultimately they want to help people and not have them be scared. Isn’t that noble? SO why is there such a big gap between our childhood idealism and adult drudgery?

What is the responsibility of education in shaping the future we live in? How come our imaginations get tightly tucked away in a box we visit every now and then when we reminisce. At what stage do dreams give way to the practical reality of ‘getting stuff done’. Wouldn’t we be a better society if buying a car or the new Kate Spade bag wasn’t the things we replaced being superman with?

Testing – there has got to be a different answer to what and how we educate the future generations. We don’t need more machines, we need communities of people. Education needs funding and teachers need to be appreciated for the hard work they do.



This poster came from spending time with my niece and nephew in Atlanta this last weekend. A lot of the conversations I had with them or about them made me recognize the importance of stewardship. Little people are such a reflection of the value systems around them. They absorb every thought like sponges. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could give the next generation a better world to live in by setting an example today?